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YBBP series variable frequency explosion-proof motor

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Model: YBBP
Frame: H80-H355 mm
Power: 0.18~375 kW
Voltage: 380V/660V/380V/660V/1140V
Protection Grade: IP55/IP56/IP65
Cooling Method: ≤132mm IC411; 160-355 IC416/IC411
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YBBP series explosion-proof variable frequency three phase asynchronous motor is a new product developed by our company according to market demand. Used in conjunction with a frequency converter, it can achieve stepless speed regulation in a wide frequency range with speed regulation wide range, fast dynamic response, high speed regulation accuracy, etc. The power level and installation dimensions of this series of motors conform to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, and the corresponding relationship is the same as the German DIN42673 standard. spare parts.