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YB3 High-Voltage High-Power Explosion-Proof High-Efficiency

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Model: YB3
Frame: 315-560
Power: 185kW-2240kW
Voltage: 3000V-11000V
Protection Grade: IP55
Cooling Method: IC411
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Product Detail

YB3 series (new generation) high-voltage high-efficiency flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor inherits the advanced concept of international high-voltage high-efficiency medium-sized motor design and manufacturing
Based on the technology and experience in the development of high-voltage compact motors for a long time, it is developed by using proven and reliable new technologies, new materials, and new processes. The product is well-manufactured and has excellent performance,
Reliable operation. Compared with the original YB3 series motors, the YB3 (new generation) motor has been greatly improved and upgraded.