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Y YX series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motor

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Model: Y YK
Frame: 710~1120
Power: 200-2800kW
Voltage: 6000~10000V
Protection Grade: IP55
Cooling Method: IC611 IC616 IC666
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Product Detail

      Y YX series high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors (frame size 710~1120) (hereinafter referred to as motors) are new generation products developed based on our company's long-term stable design and manufacturing experience of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor series. They are the most suitable high-quality and cost-effective motors provided by our company in various fields.


      This series of motors has the characteristics of lower center height, greater power, lower noise, safe and reliable operation, and convenient use and maintenance. It is suitable for driving various ventilators, compressors, water pumps, cutting machinery, transportation machinery, general machinery and other mechanical equipment, and is used as the original power in various working conditions such as mining, steel, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, etc. Whether indoors or outdoors, in plateau climate or humid and hot climate, this series of high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors can always provide superior driving force and has won the trust and praise of users.

Model Description


Basic Features

Frame size: 710~1120
Rated voltage: 6000~10000V
Rated frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Rated power: see model spectrum table 11~14
Number of poles: 2~20P
Thermal classification: 155(F)
Temperature rise limit: 80K(B class), 105K(F class) (maximum power for each frame size and each number of poles)
Cooling method: see table 2
Installation method: IMB3 (can also be made into IMB35, IMV1)
Protection level: see table 2
Working system: S1
Ambient air temperature: -15℃~+40℃
Altitude: ≤1000mm
Indoor (standard configuration).
Optional: Outdoor (W), Outdoor Moderate Corrosion (WF1), Outdoor Severe Corrosion (WF2), Indoor Moderate Corrosion (F1), Indoor Severe Corrosion (F2), Wet Tropical Zone (TH), Dry Tropical Zone (TA), Outdoor Wet Tropical Zone (THW), Outdoor Dry Tropical Zone (TAW).

Sample Specification