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What to consider about the rotor when selecting a VFD?

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For working conditions with continuous speed change requirements, the inverter will be used to drive the motor, that is, the motor speed can be adjusted steplessly by changing the frequency of the motor power supply.
In the original tweet, we also talked about that the motor rotor driven by the inverter has a large degree of freedom in the selection of its slot shape. The selection of the rotor slot shape can ignore some special solutions for the slot shape during the starting process of the power frequency motor, and directly consider the satisfaction and optimization of other performance requirements.
The deep slot rotor or double squirrel cage rotor selected to improve the starting problem of the power frequency motor is just a special slot shape of the power frequency motor rotor. It is one of the measures to improve the starting performance of the power frequency motor. Its slot shape will not affect the motor's choice of the inverter, that is, the inverter will not have any effect on this type of slot shape. However, when the inverter is used for starting, it will not deliberately make so many articles on the slot shape of the motor rotor.
The slot shape selection of the asynchronous variable frequency motor rotor is relatively simple; when the power frequency motor is used for variable frequency, the inappropriateness lies in the control of the winding temperature rise at low speed, and does not involve the suitability of the rotor slot shape. In order to effectively deal with the fact that many motor users use industrial frequency motors for frequency conversion, many motor manufacturers have specially developed wide-frequency motors, that is, the motor runs when the frequency changes in a small range, and its temperature rise level can meet or guarantee the safety of the motor.
Therefore, when customers choose a frequency converter, it is not necessary to pay attention to the slot shape of the motor rotor, and double squirrel cage and deep slot rotor motors will effectively assist the starting process of the variable frequency motor.
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