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WXF High Temperature Motors

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Model: WXF
Frame: 2222
Power: 50*60*70
Voltage: 150
Protection Grade: 150
Cooling Method: 2200
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Product Detail

WXF high temperature motor has the ability to withstand high temperature fire test, meets S1 and S2 operating conditions: under normal circumstances can be used as general motor , long-term continuous operation; In case of emergency smoke and smoke exhaust, starts S2 short-time operation. If the ambient temperature is up to 400ºC, reliable operation for 2 hours, in line with the emergency working conditions of high temperature fire motor.
This series of motors has the characteristics of low loss, low vibration, safety and reliability, easy maintenance and so on.


Implementation standards

WXF high temperature motor is an energy efficiency upgrade product independently developed by our company. Its efficiency meets the IEC60034-30-1 IE4 and IE2 efficiency standards. Installation dimensions conform to IEC standards.

Basic Features